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Meet the first VR cosplay studio!

VR Cosplay X lovers have a lot to be happy about, discover all the reasons in this new review.

It is undeniable that costume play has become a worldwide phenomenon. In fact you can count for hundred of thousands comicbook and anime fans meeting in San Diego and New York Comic Cons. However the otaku has their own events such as Anime Expo or Otakon. But it won't stop here, because almost each city have their own local comic convention. 

So a lot of people love to dress up like their favorite characters from movies, series, video games, anime... But also they enjoy just watching other people playing different fantasy roles. Then, why not taking the opportunity to fuck that characters in Virtual Reality? VR Cosplay X from BadoinkVR studio is here to fix it.

Harley Queen
Eyla Moore

Series Cosplays

Firstly we are right in saying that there are hundred of beautiful actresses already on every streaming channel services. How many times have we dreamed of with these female characters? Because you won't believe how real look busty Angela white and blonde  Emma Hix to the original characters in 2 broke Girls XXX parody. 

So you will enjoy several TV Shows characters from Raised by Wolves xxx parody with natural short-haired Sidra Sage as the android known as "the mother" to Queen's Gambit xxx parody with sensual Lacy Lennon. Even more, you will fuck blonde Victoria Summers as hot Kara Thrace from Battlestar Galactica xxx parody.

VR Cosplay X with Angela White and Emma Hix

VR cosplay X

Anime Characters 

Secondly, Anime nowadays is considered part of our culture, we all have grown watching all kind of animated Japanese series. In fact, their characters are part of our collective imagination. So what do you think about fucking sensual Jewelz Blue as Rei Ayanami and Alexis Krystal as Asuka in their Evangelion customes? Because this time Shinji won't be the only one who will enjoy their wet dreams.

VR Cosplay X
VR Cosplay X

Then, are you ready for a ride with gorgeus Angel Wicky as busty vamp Morrigan from Dark Stalkers xxx parody? Lust from Full Metal Alchemist xxx, Motoko Kusanagi in Cock in the Shell, Rei Hino A from Sailor Moon or even cute nurse Joy from Pokemon xxx parody. Indeed, you will find in one way or another your favorite anime female character to share a good time in VR Porn. 

VR Cosplay X

Female Superheroes and Movies

Thirdly, they bring you the best Superhero females from real action series like successful The Boys a xxx parody, with hottie Eyla Moore as naive Starlight sucking your cock instead of Huggie's. But in case you are feeling a bit nostalgic from a past generation, hot Stacy Cruz as Slave Leia may do so at her place.  

Because VR Cosplay X offers you the most iconic superhero female characters such as Power Girl, Black Widow, SuperGirl, Harley Queen, Domino, Wonder Woman, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel... and let's be honest, we all do have thought they look really hot inside their lycra customes.

VR Cosplay X

But this is just the beginning. If you are interested in heroic fantasy and beauty Elfs, you will have them for sure in Lord of the Rings xxx parody. Do you prefer powerful girls? Then you will love FuckBill, an amazing threesome featuring hottie asian Marica Hase and blonde Jessa Rhodes. In any case, you will find every iconic movie character inside their website. 

Videogame VR Costume Play X

Last but not least, videogame characters are a must, if we are talking about cosplaying. VR Cosplay X doesn't forget to include a fistful of hot female virtual characters. Would you ever dream about being part of a foursome with the Dimitrescu Daughters? Come on, you know they have touched your heart since you saw them at Resident Evil Village. 

Otherwise if you are into fighting games, go and check Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter xxx parodies. Do you preffer JRPG games? Then Persona 5 x parody is your scene. League of Legends, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft... the list goes on and on.

VR Cosplay X

The final mood

Finally, we want to say that VR Cosplay X has already more than 270 VR 180º Videos with pretty cool image galleries. Including special effects, handmade costumes, great sets and weekly updates. Dude, they even have Cinderella and Snow White cosplay scenes! In fact we can state that if you are interested in anime, series, videogames, comic books, movies and of course VR Porn, this is your website without any doubt. So go grab your VR Headset and have an amazing time!

These VR Cosplay X hotties are already in the VR Porn Mood!

VR Cosplay X
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