all you need is virtual reality

Firstly, it is undeniable that virtual reality technology not only changed the landscape for gaming. Secondly, also how to watch and enjoy adult entertainment. Thirdly, with different kinds of VR headsets popping out in the market, it might be a bit hard for people to choose the best VR headset to enjoy their favorite porn. Finally different production companies also have various ways for their users to enjoy their adult VR content.

Despite these differences in device and producers, there is a way on watching your favorite VR pornstars across multiple devices. But to make it easier to understand, we will classify two methods of watching VR porn. Then the first one is browse-and-stream, while the other is download-and-play

Choose your system

Watch VR Porn on iPhone or Android Smartphones

So Android and iPhone users are most likely to employ the download-and-play method. In fact if they want to enjoy their favorite porn videos in virtual reality. Then to watch VR porn on an iPhone or Android device, users need to have the appropriate VR headset. Furthermore a compatible device with at least the bare minimum processor and graphics.

Next, users should install a third-party VR player app. However there are a lot of options in the market, but Littlstar is a solid choice for iOS. But for android users, installing Google VR Services is also a must in addition to their choice of VR player app. Another great VR player app is MobileVR Station, which has more features but is not entirely free.

After installing the necessary app, users should navigate the download location folder of the VR app player. In conclusion they choose what they want to watch from the list of their downloaded VR porn.

Finally, Samsung users who opted for the GearVR headset need to install the Samsung VR media player app. So after installation, they should create a folder in the root directory of the storage of their choosing called /MilkVR. Even they can then play their favorite VR sex videos using the VR media player app or using a third-party VR player app. Aside from the download-and-play method, Samsung users also have an option to browse and stream using the Samsung Internet Browser.


Firstly, we need to know that Oculus headsets can either be standalone or tethered. So for the standalone headsets like Oculus Go and Oculus Quest 2, users may use the browse-and-stream method as long as the website supports direct streaming. For example, BaDoinkVR offer a great variety of VR porn capable of playing in the Oculus browser. Even users can just look for the scene they want and play it without any hassle. 

Futhermore if you happen to discover a VR porn you want to watch but the website doesn’t support direct streaming. Then the download-and-play method is the solution. Because in this method, users need to install Skybox, which offers convenient library options and more reliable playback. Anyway take note, if you are downloading directly to the headset storage through the Oculus browser. Because leaving the browsing of using other apps will terminate the download,

In the other hand, for the tethered Oculus like the Oculus Rift, users are required to make sure that they have sufficient space on their PC. So just like other download-and-play devices, Oculus Rift users need to install a VR media player. Popular VR player apps for the Oculus Rift include Whirligig, DEO VR, or AutoplayVR. But Skybox is also popular among Rift users. Luckily, some producers, like BaDoinkVR and VRBangers have a theater mode or player app compatible with Oculus Rift

How to Watch VR Porn on HTC Vive

So watching your favorite VR pornstars through the HTC Vive headsets follows the same steps of the download-and-play method. Aside from Skybox, Open VR Player and Virtual Desktop are popular choices among Vive users. But HTC Vive headsets also support VR media players like Whirligig, DEO VR, and AutoplayVR. Then after downloading your choice of VR player app, search for your downloaded VR porn videos and start watching. Because navigation between videos and other playback options depends on your choice of VR media player.

Watch VR Porn on Windows Mixed Reality

Users of VR headsets that support Windows Mixed Reality may need to do some steps differently. However, the methods are still browse-and-stream and download-and-play.

In fact for the browse-and-stream method, users can just use their browsers to stream their favorite VR porn. As long as the website supports VR streaming, then there will be no big problem. So if the video is not playing properly, then it is most likely that the WebVR Edge browser extension is not enabled. 

Furthermore users who want to watch VR porn scenes from their storage need to set up a Steam account for their WMR headset and download the SteamVR media player app. But Skybox is also a good alternative option for users who don’t like to use the SteamVR media player app. In conclusion WMR headset users can enjoy teledildonic support using WankzVR. 

Watch VR Porn in PlayStation VR

How To Watch VR Porn

So gone are the days the game consoles are only for gaming. Because with the PlayStation VR, you can now also enjoy your favorite porn movies. But PSVR users need to download the VR scene they want to watch. Then sideload them onto their console or on externally connected storage. Also they then need to install the LittlStar media player to watch their VR porn. 

Finally VRSex users can easily browse and stream their favorite VR scenes using their  PSVR relaxed in their homeplace. 

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