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If watching adult content in virtual reality is not immersive enough for you. Then getting VR Sex Toys is a great investment for your favourite VR porn sites, VR Cams or VR Sex Games. But teledildonics are not a totally brand-new technology. 

Firstly the term was first coined in 1975 by Ted Nelson in his book Computer Lib/Dream Machines. In fact, a teledildonic is a sex toy that can connect to various devices using wired connection, Bluetooth, or wi-fi. Because this high-tech sex toy can make long-distance couples feel more sexually connected. Indeed by delivering synchronized movements through their corresponding devices. 

Aside from couples, webcam performers also use teledildonics to let their fans feel more in control and donate more. So with the dawn of virtual reality in the adult scene, Sex Toys companies are quick to adapt to the changes. Also various companies develop their version of immersive VR sex toys. By promising to take the users into a whole other level of virtual porn watching. Because these sex toys can sync with interactive vr sex videos. Indeed to make the fapping experience feel more realistic at VRBangers, RealityLovers, WankzVR including any of the best VR headsets 2022.



So a revolutionary interactive stroker with a sleek design with a size of an average tumbler has arrived. Certainly this highly-rated male masturbation device is the flagship product of SweetTech AS. Because boasting a maximum speed of 10 strokes per second, The Handy can beat your meat at a level no hand can deliver. 

It also features a brushless motor, a dual-core processor, and ten sensors. It also provides Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity. Therefore you can enjoy using The Handy by syncing it with your favorite interactive VR porn. In the other hand, users in a long-distance relationship can also give control of Handy to their partners for remote sex

The Handy is one of the most advance male sex toys ever created, with a guaranteed mind-blowing orgasms. Controlled by you or your partner

Buy Handy

Users can enjoy The Handy for $199. The package includes The Handy device, a power cable, a TrueGrip sleeve, a TrueGrip band, and an instruction manual. Furthermore, users can also enjoy other open-ended thermoplastic elastomers sleeves depending on how tight and hard they want. Also an extra TrueGrip sleeve costs $15 while the TrueGrip Gen 2 Sleeve costs $29. Finally other open-ended sleeves are available in soft, medium, and hard, which costs $19 each

Sex Toys



Kiiroo Keon is a huge upgrade and improved version of the Fleshlight Launch– a collaborative product by Kiiroo and Fleshlight. Despite its ergonomic design, this powerful hands-free masturbator packs quite a punch. Because it boasts a whopping 230 strokes per minute, making it one of the most powerful automated masturbators. 

The Kiiroo Keon works in combination with Kiiroo’s Feel Stroker. Therefore it has a unique in-house blend of silicone and TPE that makes it resemble skin-like softness and texture. It also comes with internal spiral ridges for maximum stroking experience. Including a growing collection of Feelstars, users can easily pick the orifice they want.

However it can function as a standalone masturbation aid or an Interactive VR sex toy for compatible VR porn scripts. Last but not least, Keon can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device for remote control. Pairing with other Kiiroo products for satisfying long-distance.

Kiiroo Onyx+

The Kiiroo Onyx+ is the lovely child of automated masturbation technology and Fleshlight’s luxurious Superskin technology. In fact, this light-weight male masturbator offers a quiet and discreet me-time. So that will surely leave any man satisfied. 

But with only up to 140 strokes per minute, Kiiroo Onyx+ is not as powerful as the other popular teledildonics. However, the rotating motor that goes in a continuous up-and-down motion stimulates intercourse without loud noise. 

In any case the biggest advantage of Kiiroo Onyx+ is its VR compatibility and high range of connectivity. Because users can easily pair their Kiiroo Onyx+ with another Feeltechnology-enabled compatible device anywhere. Then this makes long-distance couples feel sexually nearer to each other. Kiiroo Onyx+ is also great for solo sessions. Because users can sync their Onyx+ to their favorite virtual reality porn and interactive webcam shows. In conclusion, Kiiroo Onyx+ costs $219, with the package including a USB charging cable, regular fit sleeve, and setup manual. 

Kiiroo Octopuss Pulse

The Hot Octopuss’ Guybrator is already a revolutionary masturbation aid on its own. Add in Kiiroo’s advanced interactive wireless technology, and you will get a unique hands-free experience while enjoying your favorite interactive VR porn

Therefore the Kiiroo Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive runs on Hot Octopuss’ patented PulsePlate Technology with 12 pre-programmed vibration sequences. Including a unique ergonomic design, this interactive male vibrator is portable and easy to use. However users can interact manually or connect it to their Bluetooth-enabled devices. 

So the FeelConnect app lets other people remotely control the vibrator. In fact making the Pulse Solo Interactive perfect for those with long-distance partners. It can also sync with another masturbator device for mutual pleasure. It’s also possible to connect Pulse Solo Interactive to different interactive 2D and VR scenes. The Kiiroo Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive costs $179. Finally the box includes the Pulse Solo Interactive, a travel pouch, a USB charging cable, and an instruction sheet. 

Kiiroo Titan

The Kiiroo Titan is a bulky bale vibrator that perfectly combines advanced pulse production and old-fashioned manual strokes. Unlike the Onyx+ and Keon, which provide automatic simulation and are perfect for travel, the Titan is great for stamina training. 

Because its nine internal motors, the Titan is capable of providing six different kinds of pulse output. But the ribbed Real-Feel sleeve simulates the softness and texture of inner canals for more realistic fapping. 

The Titan is also compatible with FeelMe and can easily connect with Bluetooth-compatible devices. As well as syncing with other Kiiroo toys for mutual long-distance masturbation. But the Kiiroo Titan is also capable of syncing with different interactive VR sex scenes making more immersive. In conclusion the Titan costs $149 and comes with a USB pin charging cable, setup manual, and warranty card. 


Lovense Calor

Lovense Calor is a portable male masturbator that works like a vibrating pocket pussy. It features a compact design with a squeezable silicone grip to adjust the tightness of the toy. 

However the most interesting features of the Calor is its depth-control and warming function. It also has three sensors inside that feel the depth of the cock. The deeper the dick in the sleeve, the more intense the vibrations. In the other hand it has a high-tech warming function that gives an optional warm sensation to users. 

So the Calor can easily connect to the Lovense remote app through Bluetooth. Although it can also sync with other Lovense toys for more passionate long-distance interactivity. Lovense Calor costs $199. The box includes the male masturbator, a storage box, USB charging cable, user manual, and setup guide. 

Lovense Gush

So here it is a flexible and hands-free glans massager suitable for any size and needs. Because there are two ways to enjoy this male masturbator. Firstly, slowly achieve euphoria by building up the satisfaction through its vibration alone. Secondly, combine a stroking movement with the vibration for a more intense and tighter feel. 

Therefore its compact and simple design, it is perfect for men who are always on the go. Because it has three steady levels and ten pre-programmed vibration patterns. So users can make their patterns or choose other users’ patterns through the Lovense remote app. 

Finally it has the ability for both close-range control through Bluetooth, and long-distance via Wifi. Listen to your favorite music while enjoying the Gush with its sync-to-music function and sound-activated vibrations. Finally the pricing is $199. Including the Gush, a storage bag, USB charging cable, user manual, the optional band, and setup guide.

Lovense Max 2

The Lovense Max 2 is also a great choice for a male masturbator. As long as you look for sex toys with a multiple sensation sleeve and 360-degree contractions. Because it offers a whole other level of sensations while accomodating most sizes. But the changeable sleeves make it easier for users to choose between the vagina or neutral hole sleeve.

Aside from the uniquely-designed sleeve and extended vibrator, it also has an adjustable air vent that lets you control the suction. But making it feel tighter is as easy as flicking a finger indeed. Although the seven vibration settings and three contraction settings can make users feel a different kind of sensation with every use. 

As well as other Bluetooth-enabled Lovense products, users can easily control the Max 2 through their smartphones. Because it is also capable of control and syncing with Nora or other Lovense toys for long-distance sex. The Lovense Max 2 costs $199. Finally it includes the Bluetooth male masturbator, neutral hole sleeve, USB charger, and user manual. 


In conclusion, there is no one size fits all sex toys for all men. Because choosing interactive VR sex toys depends on one’s preference. Indeed, with so many teledildonics to choose from, users should be aware of what they want. So it is important to note that different devices offer different kinds of stimulation, vibration, and other features. 

For Interactive VR porn, a hands-free sex toy with automated stroking and vibration. Then The Handy and the Kiiroo Keon are great choice indeed. However, there are VR porn enthusiasts who prefer being hands-on while beating their meat. Therefore they could benefit from the sensation offered by Kiiroo Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive, Lovense Gush, and Max 2. Meanwhile, the Kiiroo Onyx 2 and Lovense Calor are great choices for frequent travelers. 

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